Artsmark awards

Artsmark is the creative quality standard for schools and education settings, awarded by Arts Council England, recognising their commitment to high quality arts and cultural education.

At Tinkamel, we have a long experience of delivering cross-curricular projects that combine traditional arts with sciences & new technologies.

We offer age/ ability appropriate structured activities that incorporate open­-ended, self directed exploration.


Our sessions are tailored to students' needs and we use our expertise to accompany students on their artistic and technical journey.

Our projects are available for KS1 - KS4 students.

We can support students with different art forms, combined and visual arts, ranging from sculpture, textile art, 2D picture making to 3D or CAD design, or music creation.

Projects are cross-curricular and link to many aspects of the Curriculum in Art, Sciences, Design and Technology. They allow self guided creative exploration  to spark critical thinking, imagination and resilience.

We also offer sessions tailored to students with Special Educational Needs.

We offer education settings who are working towards, or currently hold an Artsmark Award, with the following opportunities:

Tinkamel is proud to be supporting schools and education settings on their Artsmark journey, inspiring children and young people to create, experience, and participate in great arts and culture.

GET IN TOUCH to discuss your workshop.

- Soft-Circuits -
Experiment with a whole range of techniques, traditional and new technologies, components and power sources (incl. solar energy and smart textiles) to create ingenious, unconventional, beautiful electronic circuits on paper or textile (wearables).

- Art & Sciences -
Explore scientific concepts through art. Scientific concepts we have already explored: magnets, magnetic field & forces; sound & acoustic; mechanisms, gears & friction; geometry, symmetry & reflection; trigonometry; anatomy & bio-mimicry...

- Coding -
Projects range from sheer coding sessions (games or animations creation) to applied coding through creative artistic projects (with BBC micro:bit, Hummingbird, Arduino, Raspberry Pie, block coding, micro python, Javascript, ...).

- Sustainability -

Observe your environment and re-think technology to make it more sustainable: use sketching, prototyping with sculpted projects and 3D or CAD software to work and show young people's designs.

- Robots -
Explore the world of robotics: design and make programmable machines/ characters/ animals that interact with their environmen

- Games & Gaming -

 Learning through play is an amazing way to get invested in knowledge and scholastic topics.

From Escape Rooms or Treasure Hunts at the Library to Minecraft workshops on urban planning or design of sustainable environments, games improve problem-Solving, critical thinking and creativity.

Rates include:

preparation time for the workshop, material and equipment, the workshop itself, as well as tax, visual supports, educational material, Enhanced DBS Check staffs with a Paediatric 1st Aid & Public Liability Insurance.


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To find out how Tinkamel can support your Artsmark journey, contact Tinkamel HERE to discuss your workshop.

We are happy to travel within and outside the UK.

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